Terrorists are psyched we Americans are fatter than ever

From Cal Fussman’s Milkenize Me article in the May, 2007 issue of Esquire magazine:

  • “…automakers are increasing the width of our seats so that we feel comfortable with our added weight.”


  • “…nearly two out of ten men and four out of ten women of recruiting age weigh too much to be eligible to join the armed forces – and that one Army nutrition expert is warning that obesity is becoming a national security issue.”


  • “…studies show that lean people earn more money than obese people who have the same IQ.”

When I’ve heard people say we Americans are eating ourselves to death, it never occured to me it could be because it’s affecting our nation’s security measures. How much will our taxes shoot up if we have to increase the hatches, hallways, and bucket seats of our tanks, submarines, and F-14s?

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