Thanksgiving: A Holy Day for Fat Folks

thanksgiving.jpgWhat a perfect day to start a blog about being fat. Thanksgiving, that lovely holiday where friends and family gather to stuff their faces full of gravy-drenched poultry, green bean casseroles, porkified stuffings, yams, potatoes, butter-slathered rolls, pies, pies, and pies, and a dash of cranberry gloop for aesthetic appeal.

The average American consumes well over 3,000 calories during their Turkey-day meal. I, for one, can’t wait to feel my butt cheeks spreading over the edge of my chair as my family passes plate after platter of calorie-laden goodness from one to another.

And as I laugh with my family,¬†feeling my chins are multiplying by the moment, tugging at my sweater to hide the sag and jiggle, I’ll be thinking about this blog, glad to finally have a place to get the truth of being fat out to the expanding masses.

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