About the Queen of Corpulence

Fed up and overfed. That’s me.


I’ve got rolls, puckers, and bulbous bloat that get lardier by the year. Yes, I exercise. No, I don’t eat donuts by the bushel, or pizzas by the pie. I’m just fat and keep getting fatter. I’m one of the ever-growing weighties contributing to America’s “Obesity Epidemic” — the 45%…no, 54%…hold on…now it’s 67% (!!!) of the population getting gobbled up by their own ever-plumping epidermis.


Everywhere we’re bombarded with the dangers of copious pudge, the tricks to burn it off, and the fail-proof nutrition systems designed for healthy consumption. But, is anyone telling the truths of why being fat REALLY stinks? Nope.


That’s why I’m here. I’m slathering it all over the table for some full frontal viewing.
Hold on to your love handles and feel the burn! 

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