The BFS Philosophy

Hi! Thanks for your curious nature. Now let’s get down to business.


You’re reading this blog for one of three reasons:


1. You’re overweight.


2. You’re a healthy, thin, and/or skinny person who USED TO BE overweight.


3. You’re a life-long healthy, thin, and/or skinny voyeur who’s trying to find out why anyone would read a blog like this.


If you identify with the 3rd reason, please go away and munch on your vinegar-dipped lettuce head. You cannot and will not relate to anything on this blog, and you should be ashamed of your sadistic tendencies. In fact, put the mouse down right now and either go for your 10-mile run or volunteer for something worthwhile in your community to make up for your dirty dark side.


If you relate to the 1st or 2nd reason, WELCOME. I’m really glad you’re here.


Not just because you’re reading what I’ve written, but because this blog may honestly be the key to ending your personal nightmares with and about weight.


Hang with me. I understand. (And not in that patronizing skinny-person way.)


With this blog, I’m summoning the vital energy of a radical approach to weight loss here – one that has never been fully utilized (as far as I know) in the ever-chronic Battle of the Bulge. Until now.


It’s so simple, you very well may laugh until you cry.


My strategy involves:
no diet plan, no exercise regimen,


no personal trainers, no pills,



no equipment, no surgery,



and most of all,





Instead, I’m harnessing one powerful emotion known by anyone and everyone who’s ever struggled with his or her weight. What is it?





Visceral, everyday, omnipresent PAIN. I’m talkin’:


  • Swimsuit Season PAIN.
  • High School Reunion PAIN.
  • Holidays With the Family PAIN.
  • Post-Pregnancy Weight PAIN.
  • PRE-Pregnancy Weight PAIN.
  • Buying New Jeans PAIN.
  • Happy Summer Pool Party PAIN.
  • Huffing and Puffing at the Gym PAIN.
  • Spontaneous Photographers PAIN.
  • Stepping on the Scale at the Doctors PAIN.
  • Ordering at Restaurants in Front of Judgmental People PAIN.


And that’s just the beginning…


So why is this approach so cutting-edge?


Because it occurred to me that while the skinny minions of the whole weight-obsessed world are shoving down our throats all the reasons we SHOULD lose weight – to be healthier, happier, stronger, more energetic, more fashionable, more authentic, less of an eye sore, etc. – they always, ALWAYS overlook the one reason that might actually get us weighties to change our choices, habits, and lifestyle:





Please, cruise the blog. You will laugh. You’ll probably cry, too. You’ll have many, many “I heard that!” moments that’ll resonate in ways you never imagined.


Most importantly, however, I’m hoping to convince you (and me!) that NOTHING is worth the pain we endure in the overweight, flabby, or fatty version of our beautiful selves.


I figure if I splay out all the TRUTH AND AGONY of being overweight in one convenient place, I’ll have a real shot at affecting change in even the most stubborn folks around.




Okay then – let’s dive in to the ugly, horrid, wretched, merciless PAIN AND REALITIES of being overweight together!


Big (and I mean BIG) hug,


-The Queen of Corpulence


P.S. Yes, I AM remaining anonymous here. Can’t have family members or professional connections Googling me and finding what’s REALLY going on in my head when I see them with that look of pity, or inadvertently turning their noses up at my splaying hips, thighs, and booty!


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